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Well, if You're Such a Genius...

Me being a goofball in my Drill Sergeant attire. 
Turns out I'm an embarrassing mom. 
It's a gift.
Last weekend was my first official Genius Bootcamp--as a facilitator.  WOW!  I had forgotten how powerful this workshop is!  Not really--after all, that's why I wanted to teach it in the first place.  But it was amazing to watch each participant come to some really big realizations, discover direction, and put their trust in God to lead the way.  They all seemed so appreciative of me, but I was so appreciative of them.  I have wanted to teach this class for five years.  I got to the point where I figured it would never happen.  It turns out that I needed these last five years to give me the experience I would need to be an effective instructor.  I simply didn't have enough practice with the principles before hand, especially in terms of handling discouragement and grief.  The last five years have given me that!

Our fantastic group of Geniuses!

 Genius selfie :)

 As I was preparing for Genius Bootcamp, I was searching for my own direction.  Since I lost my job a few months ago, I've had some ideas of what to do, but nothing has fit the bill entirely.  Two days before teaching GBC (since I knew I would be entirely occupied with teaching), I started searching for my own Genius ideas about how to proceed.

In prayer that morning, I was surprised to hear the words that came out of my mouth..."I think it's time for me to teach."  I've spent the last 14 or so years trying to avoid that very thing.  But there was such peace and confidence that came as I spoke it.  It wasn't entirely a surprise.  I could see how my attitude has been softening over the last few weeks, and how my need to control the situation is loosening as well.  Turns out that when I try to control things, they don't go very well!  Much better to turn it over to God and let Him do the hard work!

I figured I would start with substitute teaching.  I wasn't sure that I could get an actual job at this stage in the game.  Besides, my teaching license expired last year, and subbing would help me to get it renewed.  I also have experience over the past several years that will count towards the relicensure process, but I needed a licensed administrator to sign off on my renewal application.

I had the thought to stop in at the office of my children's school and just chat with the principal.  I was hoping that she would be the licensed administrator I need.  She was more than happy to help me out with that.  As I was about to leave her office she asked, "Do you want a job?" 


Turns out that stopping in to see the principal was a Genius idea.  Such a small thing, but it led to exactly what I needed.  The craziest part is that the job that the principal and I discussed would meet so many of my personal and professional needs.  And the only thing I did for it was to go and ask an unrelated question.

That's how Genius ideas work.  That's how God works.  I've heard all my life the saying, "Work as if everything depends on you; pray as if everything depends on God."  But recently I've seen that saying flipped on it's head: Pray as if everything depends on you, work as if everything depends on God.

If the success of your goal--whatever it is--depends entirely on God, how intently do we pray?  We may do a lot of begging, but since God is all powerful, we know that if it is something He desires to grant us, He is easily able to do it.  But what if my success depends entirely on imperfect, inadequate me?  I need some serious help.  When I pray with that in mind, my prayers change.  The same kind of change happens on the other side of the equation, too.  When I work as if everything depends on me, I get really tied to my way of doing things.  I can only usually see ONE way of doing things.  And if everything going on doesn't support that one way, then I get pretty upset.  But if I work as if everything depends on God, I don't have to figure out how to accomplish my goal.  I just need to ask Him what to do, one step at a time.  And if I'm in tune enough to receive those promptings--those Genius ideas--and then follow them...well, things happen in small, quiet, and miraculous ways.

I still have an application and interview process to go through.  The actual job will not be mine until I have taken appropriate action (see The Law of Cause and Effect) and gone through the process (see The Law of Gestation).  But when we stop thinking that WE need to be the Genius, and turn instead to the One who is, we will start seeing miracles.


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