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The Traditions of Our Fathers

I have some pretty big biases in my life.  I have a "crazy right-wing" tendency, which I really have to work sometimes to shut off.  I was raised in a family where the more traditional view of things was not dismissed, necessarily, but also not blindly accepted.  As I have grown, I have discovered that when I "research" an issue, I usually am not doing anything of the kind.  I am really looking over a whole lot of information, and the pieces of information that resonate with me are the ones that support my already firmly established opinion.

A particularly difficult and firmly-held belief of mine was challenged recently, in a way that didn't address my bias, exactly, but did bring a question into focus for me: is my way of thinking about this issue correct?

I had to pray about it.  It was a hard prayer, because there was a real chance that I had been wrong about this belief.  It was an attitude that had been passed down for generations, and changing my mind ab…