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About Me

A few little tidbits about me, so you can get to know me better.  Even if you know me, maybe you don't know all of these things...

1. I'm a wife and mom to five kids.  My family is my pride and joy.

2. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I love it.  My faith is the center of my life.
3. My favorite holiday is Valentine's Day.  The fact that it is also my birthday might have a little something to do with it. ;)
4. When I was 12, I wanted to be a famous author.  I wanted to write just like Anne Shirley and Emily Starr of New Moon.  (I went through an L. M. Montgomery phase.)
5. I am the oldest sibling.  I have two sisters and a brother.  I love that they are my best friends.
6. I have an irrational fear of bridges and water, and particularly of bridges over large bodies of water. When my sister would say that I should come to San Francisco to visit her and we'd visit the Golden Gate Bridge, I would start to get anxious.  (Now she's moved, so I'm off the hook!)
7. I like to sing.  I don't play an instrument.  I wish I did.
8. I love, love, love to learn, discuss, and teach true principles.
9. My first time going to Disneyland was as an adult with my husband and (then) three children.  It was magical.
10. I am descended from Utah pioneers.
11. Natural healing--especially chiropractic--is in my blood.  My grandfather, my great-grandfather, and my great-uncle were all chiropractors.
12. I enjoy reading.
13. I enjoy making good food to share with those I love.
14. My sweetheart and I have been married for more than 21 years.
15. I have an ability to find meaning in life's challenges (it's easier to find meaning in other's challenges than it is in my own, but I digress).  It's not a particularly glamorous skill, but it is very useful!
16. I performed in nearly all the plays in high school. I've also done summer stock and community theatre. My most memorable experience on stage was when I slipped on a prop and fell during a performance.  I managed to cover it really well!
17. I considered applying for Sterling Scholar in Theatre, but I thought one of my rivals had a better chance, since he also did debate.  I probably had a better shot than I believed at the time, and I wish I had at least tried.
18. Sometimes I cross stitch.  Sometimes I like it.
19. I am a morning person.  I love getting up and enjoying the quiet morning hours while my family sleeps.  The most difficult challenge I face with my youngest child is the fact that he is also an early riser.  I miss my morning alone time!
20. I am an Honors Graduate of Leslie Householder's Mindset Mastery Program, and a Mindset Mastery Certified Mentor.  I am also a Genius Boot Camp Facilitator.
21. I have a BA in English Teaching from Weber State University.
22. My pet peeve is blatantly bad grammar and punctuation.  Apostrophes, people!  They are for contractions and to indicate possession, not for plurals! (End rant.) (That said, I'm not perfect, and in proofreading this page, I discovered... *Gasp* apostrophe error!  Points to you if you find it and comment about it below.)
23. My favorite meal is generally the one that I didn't have to cook myself, but that tastes as good as if I had.  I also think that a pan-seared steak a la Alton Brown and the Pioneer Woman's Cobb salad are pretty heavenly.
24. Cookies are my go-to treat--good, homemade cookies of almost every variety.  Don't bother me with pre-packaged goods. (Although if they're around, I'm sure to eat those, too).
25. In the process of getting my five children here, I miscarried four times (8, 10, 8, and 14 weeks). Three of them occurred between my fourth and fifth babies.  The last one was especially heartbreaking.
26. I am partial to the color red (see number 2), but when playing board games, I almost always choose yellow.
27. I love to watch and listen to birds.
28. I long to travel--to take my family and just go!  I especially want to see historically significant sites, and homes of famous authors.
29. I've wanted to home school my children almost ever since I became a mother.  I did home school one child for one year.  The dream was different than the reality.  If I ever have the opportunity again, I will totally do things differently!
30. One of my dreams is to open a school. I love learning and want so much to help kids learn, without the burdensome bureaucracy that too often hinders the process.


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