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Heavenly Father, are you really there?

I have been taught to pray all my life.  I have been taught that God hears and answers prayers.  I have been told what an answer to prayer feels like, and because I have taken questions to God in prayer, I also have personal experience with receiving answers.  I know what an answer to prayer feels like because I have experienced it first hand.

I have also struggled with prayer.  I don't always pray as regularly as I ought to.  Sometimes I pray as fervently as I know how, truly desiring an answer, and I don't feel like I get one.  Or I fervently pray, feel like I receive the answer, and then a short time later, the answer seems to change.  The answers that change have been the most challenging to my faith, but I have learned a little something about those answers and about prayer, and it's something that I've learned because I stuck with it.

Years ago, about the time my oldest child was three, I started investigating home schooling.  I had been introduced to the concept…