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Thoughts on Modesty

Several months ago, a bunch of blog posts about modesty were going viral all over my facebook newsfeed. Everyone wanted to get their two cents in on the issue.  I read a lot of posts because I wanted to see other perspectives, and answer the burning question: why?  My oldest has asked "why?" about modesty since she was eight years old, and I never felt like I had an adequate answer.  But I discovered an interesting thing as I read multiple blog posts on the subject: no one else did, either.

There were posts that were quoted texts from meetings where bishops or stake presidents had been counseling youth that had some good points in them.  And then there were comments and counter-posts indicating that the original posts had missed the mark.  I felt that the commenters were also right.  Some commenters were even offended, crying sexism and hypocrisy over the way other bloggers stated their positions.  And they all had their points.  I even made an attempt at organizing a post …