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An Incredible Journey part 2: My Letter from Hogwarts

So, I previously wrote about my experiences with visualization, and this amazing mental "journey" that I find myself on.  But I didn't write about the whole thing.  I only wrote up to the point where I learned that I am not quite as in control of this journey as I thought.  There has been so much that has happened beyond that point.

I hadn't necessarily planned to share any of the rest of it, but this morning during my study time, an image that was so profound and instructive came to me that I wanted to write it all down...for my benefit, of course.  (If you, dear reader, find value in it, too, so much the better!)

As I periodically checked in with this visualization, I found myself  in mountainous areas.  First, I faced huge granite cliffs that I had to climb.  I struggled to climb them, especially when I saw other people climbing and summiting their own peaks.  I didn't understand why things were taking me so long, and why I couldn't have the dreams that I …