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Home school challenges

Home school has been a challenge lately.  I thought--years ago, when I was planning to home school all my children--that I had it all figured out.  That I understood what it would take for me as the mom to teach my children life-lessons AND acedemics. That I would be able to handle--even predict--the challenges that lay ahead.

Not so much.

I feel like a complete novice.  The baby steps as I go through this learning process are difficult, because I expect to be immediately successful at everything.  Often, when I'm not, I give up.  That's not an option in this situation.  For whatever reason, my daughter needs to be home, and for whatever reason, I need this experience with her.  It is heartwarming and bittersweet to hear her pray in the mornings, thanking Heavenly Father for this home school opportunity, knowing that at some point during the day she will probably melt down and scream at me because she doesn't like what she's learning.  I can hardly blame her.  She is …

Home School Days, Home School Days...

Our home school adventure has begun again.  I guess it never really ended, since all of the kids were home all summer.  Like it or not, believe it or not, home IS school.  But this is official home school, the file-an-affidavit-with-the-district kind. And I've been dreading it.

We started home school for our 3rd daughter last year, mid-way through the school year.  After fighting several times a week every week about whether or not she would even go to school that day, I finally went to the Lord in prayer (though not for the first time on this subject).  The fighting between us couldn't go on.  It was destroying our relationship, and driving the Spirit out of our home. I told God that the only solution I could come up with was to withdraw her from public school and teach her at home.  For the first time in nine years (which is when my desire to home school began), I felt His approval.
It wasn't easy.  I didn't do a good job of it.  I also had a baby at home, and a work…