Vibration and the Power of Thought

Things of similar vibrations are attracted to each other.  Have you ever heard the expression, “Birds of a feather flock together?”  For better or worse, the people, things, and circumstances in our lives are in harmony with our personal vibration.  What exactly does that mean? 

Have you ever met a person that you connected with instantly?  Even knowing that you had never met them before, somehow you felt that you were talking to a long-lost friend? (My husband and I once bought a used dryer from a couple we had never met.  They were perhaps the friendliest people we’ve ever had such a short interaction with.  As we left their home, I asked my husband, “Did we just buy a dryer from our best friends?  I bet they would be really fun to get together with.” They had a very positive vibration.) On the other hand, have you ever had close association with someone who you just didn’t click with?  That doesn’t mean you didn’t like them, necessarily; you perhaps just didn’t share the same interests.  Even if you frequently spent time with them, you may not have had a close relationship.  This is an example of vibrations that are not in harmony with one another.  However, if you find that your relationship with such a person starts to become closer, then your vibrations are moving into greater harmony.  Conversely, if you find that you are lacking a certain desirable person or thing in your life, then there is something about your vibration that is out of harmony with what you desire.  A classic example is money.  If you want money to flow abundantly into your life, you must be in harmonious vibration with it (yes, even money vibrates). 

The fact that like vibrations are attracted to each other doesn’t mean that we always like the people, things, or circumstances which are in our lives.  It simply means that our vibrations are in harmony.  If we focus on things that we fear, we may notice that we see those very things in abundance.  Our focus on something that we fear puts us in a similar vibration to that thing and attracts it to us.  Sometimes we really hate the specific people, things, or circumstances in our lives. But the reality is that the more we focus on what it is that we hate, and the more energy we put into hating those things, the more those people, things, and circumstances are attracted into our lives.  BUT!  There is really good news about this: the people, things, and circumstances that we dislike can reveal to us what our personal vibration is, and we can change our vibration!  In fact, it is only when we change our vibration that those things we dislike are no longer attracted to us and move out of our lives.

How do we determine what our personal vibration is?  How can we know?  The vibration we are referring to here is the vibration of our thoughts and emotions.  The emotions we experience are the result of our thoughts.  Sometimes those thoughts are conscious—we are aware of what we are thinking.  But emotion happens so instantaneously.  We don’t experience a negative interaction with someone and think to ourselves, “I really didn’t like that.  I believe I am going to be offended over what she said!” and have our sense of offence occur after that thought.  The thoughts that I am referring to do not happen consciously, but subconsciously.  Visit the page "The Stickman Mind Model" for an explanation of how our subconscious minds affect the experiences of our lives.

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